Welcome to CheckMEND US

Thanks for checking out CheckMEND as we open for business here in the US. We’ve done a lot of work – and have had great success – in the UK helping buyers and sellers combat the problems associated with cybercrime relating to second hand goods.

This even shocked us: US citizens lost $239 million in various Internet-based fraud schemes. Not surprising, cellular phones are one of the top items sold on online auctions sites with eBay recently confirming that the residents of Los Angeles last year sold 24 million items for nearly $1.4 billion and cellular phones were the best selling category.

A little bit about CheckMEND

Check out our product demo to see how we work located at:


It is a really easy-to-use service for identifying serial numbered stolen and counterfeit goods offered on the Internet. CheckMEND offers consumers and businesses nationwide safe, fast, easy and very affordable checks against the world’s largest publicly available database of more than 100 million records of information that may be relevant to any prospective purchaser. Bottom line: we’re trying to prevent you from getting burned.

A search on www.checkmend.com costs just $2.99 with even better pricing when multiple checks are made. Every check includes a printable comprehensive history report showing all the information available on the system.

This includes whether it is registered as stolen, had its identity changed, or has been subject to an insurance claim for damage or loss. Anyone checking a cellular phone also can verify whether the phone has been disabled by network carriers worldwide. This is all really important so you actually get what you think you’re paying for.

We look forward to providing regular updates from the CheckMEND team, state of the industry and ongoing perspectives about protecting your personal items.