Safe And Sound: How To Have A Secure Festival Experience This Summer

Summer has finally arrived, and that festival you’ve been eagerly awaiting is just around the corner!

The UK is a nation of festival-goers. A study by UK Music shows that over 37 million people attended UK festivals and concerts in 2022!

Festivals are all about letting go and having a blast, but with so many people around, they come with unique security challenges.

It’s so easy to get swept up in the excitement of planning travel and other logistics that you might forget about securing your valuables.

Phones top the list of at-risk items at UK festivals, with over one in ten festival goers having lost, damaged or had a device stolen.

As with anything, planning is key to having a great time without any nasty surprises. Fortunately, there are steps you can take before and during the event to ensure a safer, more enjoyable experience.

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Before you go…

Here are our top tips for securing your possessions before heading off to soak up the vibes.

  • Mark & register your valuables. Almost all of us will take a phone to an event, and it’s crucial to register it before you set off. Dial *#06# on your handset to reveal the 15-digit IMEI number(s) on the screen. Create an account on and register the device’s make, model, IMEI, and serial numbers. It only takes a few minutes and is completely FREE. Add other identifiable marks using a UV pen or an asset label for an extra layer of security. Should you lose your phone and it is found, this will help the authorities return it to you. If you are taking other devices, such as a smartwatch or camera, register these as well.

  • Note important details. Write down the contact details for a friend and a family member you can reach, including your phone’s provider and your bank account information, in case you need to cancel cards or report the loss or theft of your phone. Keep these details on a piece of paper in a safe place—separate from your phone!

  • Check your travel insurance policy. If you have one, review it. You might be covered for trips in the UK lasting more than two nights, but ensure it includes tent stays.
    Additionally, consider personal possessions insurance. Check for policy exclusions or excess payments. This is often an add-on to contents insurance, so verify if you already have it with your home insurance.

  • Check if the venue is cashless. If not, use on-site cashpoints rather than carrying large amounts of cash.

When you’re there…

Following a few basic rules will help you enjoy the experience and keep yourself and your belongings safe.

  • Keep valuables out of sight. Don’t store them in outer pockets; instead, keep them in a secure location like a zippered pocket or money belt.

  • Use lockers if available. Some festivals offer free lockers where you can store items that might be targeted by thieves, like bikes or car keys.

  • Keep valuables to a minimum. If possible, leave your valuable phone at home! Consider taking an older phone instead of your latest model. Phone theft is common at festivals, so if you must take your phone, protect it with a passcode and turn on location tracking such as ‘Find My iPhone’. Additionally, consider using a crossbody lanyard case, making it much harder for someone to snatch it from you. Check out the latest phone lanyards of 2024 in the review below: Top 10 Best Phone Lanyards in 2024 – FindThisBest (UK)

  • Protect your phone. Use a waterproof cover to prevent damage from spills, being dropped in a puddle, or even a pint!

  • Secure valuables at night. Keep wallets, phones, cameras, car keys, etc., at the bottom of your sleeping bag where they’re inaccessible to others.

  • Be mindful of your surroundings. In the moment, you could get separated from your friends in a crowd. Knowing the layout will help you get your bearings. Make a note of where festival staff or security points are.

  • Look out for each other. Whether it’s your friends or other festival-goers, stay vigilant. If you see someone struggling, offer support by alerting the event staff.

  • Consider using a safeguarding app. These allow you to share your location with trusted contacts.
    Examples include:
    Imabi Community: a free tool for real-time safety alerts.
    Imabi Guardian: a free personal safety app.

  • Have a meeting place. Agree on a spot to meet up if you get separated. Just having a plan can reduce stress.

Festivals are tons of fun, and with careful planning, you can relax and enjoy them to the fullest. Get ready for an unforgettable festival experience!

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For more great tips on festival safety, check out Festival Safe.