Hundreds arrested in mass burglary crackdown

BurglarRochdale Online has reported that over 100 people have been arrested as part of a massive police crackdown on burglaries.

Officers carried out 110 raids, in search of stolen property and other evidence linking the occupants to criminal activity.

Operation Storm, which is aimed at targeting burglars by Greater Manchester Police resulted in 140 arrests being made between 20-24 July.

A team of highly qualified and experienced senior police officers and staff hand-picked to manage Operation Storm will continue to tackle burglary into the New Year.

Though the new high-impact initiative is intelligence and enforcement led police have also stepped up awareness raising activity aimed at making residents aware of how they can significantly decrease their chances of falling victim to this distressing crime.

Over the weekend officers were based at the entrances of almost 90 major supermarkets in the region during all opening hours.

They gave shoppers information on how they can provide police with the vital information they need to bring criminals to justice.

Officers also visited hundreds of homes as part of the week of action to give crime reduction advice and literature to householders and encourage them to register their valuables on the free, easy to use property database.

Detective Chief Superintendent Russ Jackson who heads up the Operation Storm initiative said:

The results of this week of action shows that Greater Manchester Police is taking the fight against burglary to the offender.

Residents can be assured that this is only the first of a whole range of enforcement activities that will be brought to bear on burglars in the coming months. Offenders will be left with no place to shelter from the wrath of this Storm.

People can help us bang up burglars by providing information on crime and criminal activity either to us directly on 0161 872 5050 or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Starting an internet-based business (

Recipero has grown out of an idea conceived several years ago, the article referred to below, written by explains well how Recipero’s founder gained inspiration for the fast moving business that it has now become.

Many founders of fast-growing businesses set out with the most modest of intentions.

For example, Pierre Omidyar originally set up eBay as a vehicle for his wife to trade collectables called Pez candy dispensers. Omidyar had no inkling of what the site would become.

Adrian Portlock, whose Gloucestershire-based company Recipero has built an online database comprising the serial numbers of 100 million stolen goods, agrees that this is “often the way with businesses. If you see an opportunity based on providing a solution, that’s normally a good basis for a start-up.”

If you see an opportunity based on providing a solution, that’s normally a good basis for a start-up
One only has to look at some of the ridiculed inventions on Dragon’s Den to see the perils of trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist (what problem could have give rise to the ironing board that doubled as a piece of lounge furniture?).

Adrian, 50, set up his database, Check Mend, after an irksome experience highlighted a need for such a resource.

“I lost a phone on the Tube in London,” he recalls. “And when I went to the lost-property office they said ‘can you identify the phone?’ So I said ‘a Nokia 6310i.’ And they said ‘well, we’ve only had 35 of those today.’

“Then they wanted an IMEI number, the serial number of the phone. After much messing about my network gave it to me and I managed to get my phone back.

Eureka moment
“It then occurred to me that there was a market for keeping those details somewhere central, so if that if people lost any gizmos they could log in and find them more easily.

“So that’s how it started and it did really well.”

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