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Safe And Sound: How To Have A Secure Festival Experience This Summer

Summer has finally arrived, and that festival you’ve been eagerly awaiting is just around the corner!

The UK is a nation of festival-goers. A study by UK Music shows that over 37 million people attended UK festivals and concerts in 2022!

Festivals are all about letting go and having a blast, but with so many people around, they come with unique security challenges.

It’s so easy to get swept up in the excitement of planning travel and other logistics that you might forget about securing your valuables.

Phones top the list of at-risk items at UK festivals, with over one in ten festival goers having lost, damaged or had a device stolen.

As with anything, planning is key to having a great time without any nasty surprises. Fortunately, there are steps you can take before and during the event to ensure a safer, more enjoyable experience.

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Before you go…

Here are our top tips for securing your possessions before heading off to soak up the vibes.

  • Mark & register your valuables. Almost all of us will take a phone to an event, and it’s crucial to register it before you set off. Dial *#06# on your handset to reveal the 15-digit IMEI number(s) on the screen. Create an account on and register the device’s make, model, IMEI, and serial numbers. It only takes a few minutes and is completely FREE. Add other identifiable marks using a UV pen or an asset label for an extra layer of security. Should you lose your phone and it is found, this will help the authorities return it to you. If you are taking other devices, such as a smartwatch or camera, register these as well.

  • Note important details. Write down the contact details for a friend and a family member you can reach, including your phone’s provider and your bank account information, in case you need to cancel cards or report the loss or theft of your phone. Keep these details on a piece of paper in a safe place—separate from your phone!

  • Check your travel insurance policy. If you have one, review it. You might be covered for trips in the UK lasting more than two nights, but ensure it includes tent stays.
    Additionally, consider personal possessions insurance. Check for policy exclusions or excess payments. This is often an add-on to contents insurance, so verify if you already have it with your home insurance.

  • Check if the venue is cashless. If not, use on-site cashpoints rather than carrying large amounts of cash.

When you’re there…

Following a few basic rules will help you enjoy the experience and keep yourself and your belongings safe.

  • Keep valuables out of sight. Don’t store them in outer pockets; instead, keep them in a secure location like a zippered pocket or money belt.

  • Use lockers if available. Some festivals offer free lockers where you can store items that might be targeted by thieves, like bikes or car keys.

  • Keep valuables to a minimum. If possible, leave your valuable phone at home! Consider taking an older phone instead of your latest model. Phone theft is common at festivals, so if you must take your phone, protect it with a passcode and turn on location tracking such as ‘Find My iPhone’. Additionally, consider using a crossbody lanyard case, making it much harder for someone to snatch it from you. Check out the latest phone lanyards of 2024 in the review below: Top 10 Best Phone Lanyards in 2024 – FindThisBest (UK)

  • Protect your phone. Use a waterproof cover to prevent damage from spills, being dropped in a puddle, or even a pint!

  • Secure valuables at night. Keep wallets, phones, cameras, car keys, etc., at the bottom of your sleeping bag where they’re inaccessible to others.

  • Be mindful of your surroundings. In the moment, you could get separated from your friends in a crowd. Knowing the layout will help you get your bearings. Make a note of where festival staff or security points are.

  • Look out for each other. Whether it’s your friends or other festival-goers, stay vigilant. If you see someone struggling, offer support by alerting the event staff.

  • Consider using a safeguarding app. These allow you to share your location with trusted contacts.
    Examples include:
    Imabi Community: a free tool for real-time safety alerts.
    Imabi Guardian: a free personal safety app.

  • Have a meeting place. Agree on a spot to meet up if you get separated. Just having a plan can reduce stress.

Festivals are tons of fun, and with careful planning, you can relax and enjoy them to the fullest. Get ready for an unforgettable festival experience!

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For more great tips on festival safety, check out Festival Safe.  

Stumble Upon a Valuable? Know Your Next Move!

Have you ever stumbled upon a valuable item like a ring, bicycle, or mobile phone while out and about? It can be an exciting discovery, but what should you do next? Understanding the legal course of action when you find something of value is essential to ensure you act responsibly and ethically. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the steps and legal guidelines to follow when you find valuables in the UK.

Step 1: Report the Find

If you find a licence or document with an individual’s address on it, post it back to them. If there is no address but an issuing authority, such as a passport or blue badge, mail it back to the source. For anything else, visit your local police website – they all have links for reporting found property these days. They will ask questions about the find and offer further guidance and next steps.

Step 2: If the police don’t require a report

In situations where the police do not require a report for the found item, your next step involves several important actions to identify the owner:

Check for Identification Labels: Look for any visible markings that could help identify the owner. This includes Immobilise labels, which may feature a QR code or a barcoded serial number, indicating registration on the Immobilise national property register. Additionally, be on the lookout for other third-party marks or labels that might signify registration with a different service.

Visit Immobilise Website: If an Immobilise label is present, visit and enter the item’s details. This can help reconnect the item with its rightful owner while keeping their personal information confidential. Through this system, your contact details can be passed on to the owner if they are found.

Make Reasonable Enquiries: Independently of label checks, make reasonable efforts to find the owner. This could include asking people nearby, in offices, or shops, and considering leaving a note with your details. If the item was found on private property, such as a shop, pub, or workplace, inform the owner of the land or building.

Step 3: Where neither of the above applies

If you have exhausted the above, the law becomes a little complicated. If you have posted a notice anywhere or asked on local social media groups, we suggest you wait 90 days. If you haven’t heard from anyone after this time, you could consider selling it. However, UK law states that if the rightful owner can prove it’s theirs, you are liable to them for the proceeds, less reasonable storage costs for up to 6 years after the sale. However, this is unlikely to be an issue, mainly since the police process captures higher-value property.

1 in 5 Students fall victim to property crime

It may surprise you that according to the National Union of Students, as many as one in five students fall victim to property crime whilst at college or university. 

Thieves know that student residences are full of expensive gear; laptops, tablets, phones, bikes and cameras provide rich pickings. In fact, the average break-in costs £900 to repair the damage and replace belongings.

A lot of theft is opportunistic – a few simple steps can be enough to make thieves think twice and move on. 

  • When you go out, make sure all windows and doors are locked. It’s an obvious one but double-check!
  • Check windows for vulnerabilities. Make sure they’re robust, secure and fitted with locks. If they’re not, speak to your landlord or letting agent. 
  • Don’t advertise your valuables to thieves. Ensure your valuables are not visible through windows. 
  • Register your possessions at It’s FREE and provides the simplest way to return your property if found after loss or theft. 
  • Keep your gate shut and bolted at all times. Ensure bins don’t make it easy for burglars to climb over walls or fences. 
  • Simulate occupancy with light timers or products like a FakeTV. 
  • Get insurance. It is tempting to save money, but it’s a false economy. Make sure it covers all your stuff. 
  • Bikes should be kept in the school’s designated areas and secured with a D-lock to an immovable object such as a ground-mounted loop. Don’t forget to register the bike at

Registering your property at is FREE. You can register property irrespective of any 3rd party labelling used; it’s all accepted!

For 20% off all Immobilise marking products, including TV Simulators and Bike Security Tags at, use code BACKTOSCHOOL22 at the checkout. Discount valid until 31st October 2022.

14.5 Million Bikes Bought Since Lockdowns Began!

Incredibly, around 14.5 million bikes worth £5 billion have been purchased since lockdowns began. Weekly cycling miles in the UK are estimated at more than one billion! It goes to show how accustomed we’ve become to two wheels for travel, leisure and exercise. What more can we do to protect one of our favourite possessions? Here is a must-read article for bike owners:

City Cyclist

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Register New Gifts To Protect Them

Don’t forget to register any new gifts straight on to
Unfortunately, theft and burglaries tend to increase around the festive period. Logging your treasured items on creates a unique record of your ownership, meaning responsible traders will avoid them. At the same time, should police encounter your property, they will be able to identify it, giving you the best possible chance of getting your valuables back should the worst happen.

Register new gifts to protect them

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Immobilise New Year To-Do List

January is the perfect time of year to kickstart the ‘To-do’ list. Getting your property marked and registered on Immobilise gives you a little extra piece-of-mind in the knowledge that your valuables are identifiable by police and checked by responsible second-hand traders. By protecting your homes and valuables, you are also reducing the appeal to steal and helping combat property crime in our communities.

Remember you can register anything with a unique identifier, whether it’s a new laptop you’ve received for Christmas or your trusty mobile that you haven’t quite got around to registering. Just log the IMEI or serial number in Immobilise. It’s quick and easy to do and FREE!

What if the items you want to register don’t have serial numbers?

Don’t worry if your items don’t have a serial number; you can easily add one! Immobilise offers an extensive range of marking products to suit various household items. Visit and receive 20% off any of our items by entering NEWYEAR21 at checkout. (offer ends 31 Jan 2021)

Thieves See Christmas Differently

As Christmas fast approaches, we’d like to share a few crime prevention tips that are known to be effective at this time of year.

  • Make approaching your home too conspicuous for burglars – Invest in motion sensor lights or even festive lighting.
  • Be secure, especially with festive lighting – Check for vulnerabilities around the home and garden such as feeding cables through open windows.
  • Create the illusion of occupancy when you’re away, especially at night. Use inexpensive light timers or a Fake TV to deter would-be thieves.
  • Create the illusion of occupancy when you’re away, especially at night. Use inexpensive light timers or a Fake TV to deter would-be thieves.
  • Away over Christmas? Ask a neighbour to park on the driveway, redirect parcels, and be sure to cancel milk or paper deliveries.
  • Be cyber aware and careful not to advertise your new gifts or trips away on social media! 
  •  Don’t hide spare keys and use alarms if you have them.

Protecting your home and family need not be time consuming or expensive; a few simple steps can make all the difference.

Don’t forget to register and protect gifts and valuables on Immobilise  – It is completely FREE and helps deter thieves and combat property crime. Visit and click on ‘register’ or if you already have an account, log in using your account details to update your property list.

We are offering 15% OFF all our marking and security products. Visit using coupon code: Christmas15 on checkout. Discount available until Monday 4th January & includes FREE delivery on orders over £30!

Another (Important) Christmas Checklist

Many of us will have done much of our Christmas shopping online this year. For those of you intending to visit the high street, busy shopping areas can be magnets for pick-pockets and other criminals this time of year. It’s important to be as vigilant as ever and whilst out shopping: 

  • Put cash and cards away safely and try not to keep your valuables in one place, especially your phone – should your bag be lost or stolen you can still call for help.
  • Shield the keypad when typing in your PIN when making payments or withdrawing cash. 
  • Don’t make it easy for thieves by hanging bags on chairs. If you’re having a well-earned break, keep your bag and shopping in your eye-line and away from passing hands.
  • Avoid overtly wearing expensive jewellery and watches in public places. 
  • Park vigilantly in an open, well-lit area. Visit the website for details of police approved car parks. It sounds simple but If you must store presents in a vehicle, make sure they are out of view and that the car is securely locked. 
  • If you witness a crime report it to shop staff or police dialling 999. For suspicions and non-emergencies call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to provide anonymous information

Cyber Monday Immobilise Crime Reduction & Security Products Offer

If you have recently bagged yourself a bargain or two over the Black Friday weekend don’t forget to register them on and to help you protect your valuables we’re offering 25% OFF our Immobilise marking products including Bike Tags at Simply use the promo code CyberMonday25 at the checkout. Discount available until 7th December.

What can I register?

You can register anything on if it has a unique identifier such as a serial or IMEI number which you can find on laptops and phones. If your items do not have these then you can record any distinguishable markings or purchase one of our marking products that the police are familiar with, such as ImmobiTag for your bicycle or our new ImmobiDot for smaller items.

Why should I register?

The property register plays an essential part in crime reduction and repatriation. It enables the police to identify owners of lost or stolen property and return it. In the event of theft, you will have a ready-made list of your property with photographs and identifiers for the police as well as a certificate of ownership which may help speed an insurance claim

How do I register?

Visit and click on ‘register’ or if you already have an account, log in using your account details to update your property list.