Immobilise helps South Yorkshire Police reduce property crime

South Yorkshire has claimed a major success on crimes such as burglary and car theft following the recent release of new crime figures. The new figures show that house burglaries in South Yorkshire were at their lowest level in 30 years and that the number of car thefts were at their lowest since records began in 1974.

The statistics also reveal that in the year to March, 29 per cent of all serious acquisitive crimes committed in the county were solved and that crimes of that type were down 11 per cent on 2009/10.

South Yorkshire Police said it had developed specialist teams of detectives to focus specifically on burglary, robbery and vehicle crime.

Technology used at the scenes of burglaries and car crimes has moved on quickly with forensic officers now using shoe match identification as well as DNA and fingerprints.

Intelligence on crime trends and active criminals is also used to deploy officers to priority areas across South Yorkshire, and officers are engaged in “offender management” which involves curfew checks and application of bail conditions to limit re-offending.

Supt Tim Innes, South Yorkshire Police’s lead officer for serious acquisitive crime, said:

Despite record performance for South Yorkshire, it’s critical that we keep the focus on this area of crime which can be emotionally and financially devastating for victims.

Our success is based upon some key factors.

Effective use of intelligence, management of offenders, working with partners and communities, quality investigation, and providing a responsive service day in, day out.

I would like to recognise the hard work of our staff who do a tremendous job across all departments and agencies.

I would also like to thank the public who are reporting crime, marking, securing and recording their property, and providing valuable information to help us track down criminals.

We have had some tremendous success in identifying stolen goods and I would like to remind everyone in South Yorkshire to log their property on websites such as which help reunite stolen items with their owners.

To read the source article please go to: Yorkshire Post