Recipero awarded Secure Communities Network accreditation by the NPIA

Recipero is delighted to announce it has been awarded Secure Communities Network accreditation by the National Police Improvement Authority.

This accreditation demonstrates that Recipero’s NMPR application and its connection to PNC meets the rigorous security standards required of Secure Communities Network members. Accreditation has been achieved after months of auditing and testing of Recipero’s systems by independent security advisors appointed by the NPIA. This connection also enables a secure email path to through which Police and Government agencies may exchange classified information with Recipero.

Adrian Portlock CEO of Recipero said:

“this is a major milestone for Recipero and shows our commitment to the security and integrity of our services. I think it is fair to say that this sort of Accreditation is normally only achieved by the larger organisations in this market so as a niche provider we are very proud of this achievement.”

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One thought on “Recipero awarded Secure Communities Network accreditation by the NPIA”

  1. Dear Adrian and team,
    Congratulations on the accreditation it is a great achievement and further is an example of why Stealth Mark and the Crimestoppers Property Protector selected from an array of providers your Immobilise database system to accommodate our global aspirations for our brand.

    We are proud to partner with you and look forward to breaking international markets together.

    Best wishes

    Clive Smith MD Stealth Mark Europe

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