Don’t let Christmas be merry for thieves

It has been reported in the Maidenhead Advertiser that A campaign has been launched by Maidenhead’s PCSOs in a bid to fight burglary and car crime over Christmas.

PCSO Andrew Hitchcock, leading the campaign with colleagues PCSO Amy Shah and PCSO Steph Lewis, said: “We cannot emphasise enough the importance of removing valuables from your car and securing your property when you are not in or away on holiday.”

“Many thieves are opportunist and will try and steal any items they see on display or break into a house they think is insecure. However, by taking a few simple precautions you could be avoiding becoming a victim. Remember that offenders are trying to fund their own Christmas, so don’t make it easy for them.”

Home security tips:

  • Trim overgrown trees and hedges that might obscure lighting or hide a burglar from your neighbours or passers by.
  • If you are going to be out all day, set indoor lamps on timer switches to come on at dusk to give the impression that someone is at home.
  • Consider joining or starting up a neighbourhood watch scheme in your road (contact your local Neighbourhood Watch office via 0845 8 505 505 for more details).
  • ‘Postcode’ your electrical goods, such as DVD players and computers, with an ultra violet pen or permanent marker, and make an inventory of these items including brand names and serial numbers.
  • You can also register all mobile equipment such as cameras and iPods on the national database, The police have access to this database, allowing stolen items to be returned to their owners.
  • Ensure all your external windows and locks are secure, and fit additional locks where necessary.
  • Consider installing motion sensor lighting outside external doors.

To read the source story in full go to: The Maidenhead Advertiser