Police crackdown on Christmas burglaries

The local News Paper Leigh Today has reported that Police are launching a crackdown on burglaries this Christmas:

As part of Operation Guardian, police in the borough are issuing a festive message to make sure people giving gifts don’t hand one to a thief this Christmas.
Officers are warning that the traditional Christmas scene, with a pile of presents under a tree, is a gift of an opportunity for a burglar.

The number of house break-ins rises significantly during the Christmas period as presents tempt burglars in to people’s homes.
Once inside, they take anything they can easily find, including credit cards, cheque books, bags and car keys.
Crime reduction advisor for Wigan division, Wendy O’Neil, said: “Everyone should have a happy and secure Christmas, so I would like to remind people of simple steps to ensure they keep their property safe.
“The sad fact is that more than one in three of all domestic burglaries in the Wigan Borough happen because people do not lock their doors and shut their windows meaning the opportunist thief does not even have to use force to gain access.
“Even if you are in the house you should still lock external doors, and keep windows shut. If the room is stacked full of presents, close the curtains and help to make sure your hard-earned gifts don’t end up in someone else’s hands.”

Police are also urging residents to register their valuables free-of-charge at www.immobilise.com
The online database allows officers to search for lost or stolen items of identifiable property and is the world’s largest free register of ownership details.
Almost any item with a serial number recovered by police can be returned to the owner if it is registered on the database. Users can also add photographs and certificates of ownership to their Immobilise account.

Ms O’Neil added: “Many items we recover from criminals are not given back to their owners, as without some proof of ownership we do not know who they belong to.
“Spending five minutes registering details of your Christmas gifts and other valued possessions for free on www.immobilise.com means that their details are instantly available to us and all other forces across the country.”

To read the orginal article please go to: Leigh Today