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Secure Your Garden And Protect Your Home

When it comes to security, many people focus solely on their homes and the vehicles parked outside. However, gardens are often a primary target for thieves.

According to a 2022 study by Sunlife, a staggering 9 out of 10 household thefts occur in the garden (Ideal Home).

The ‘Hot’ Targets Lurking In Your Garden
Modern gardens are often filled with valuable items, making them lucrative targets for thieves, especially during the summer when we tend to leave them outside for convenience.

Ideal Home reported that the most frequently stolen items from outdoor living spaces are quality garden furniture, ornaments, power tools, lawnmowers, BBQs, and ladders (2022 data).

Securing Access Points To Your Home
While we like to view our gardens as peaceful sanctuaries, they are also often the first line of defence against burglars looking to gain access to our homes.

According to the ONS, in the year running up to March 2023, there were 525 burglaries a day in England and Wales; that’s one every 165 seconds!

To avoid becoming a statistic, remember that securing your garden not only prevents theft of the possessions you keep in it, but it also makes it much harder for intruders to access your home.

Two-Pronged Security Approach
To secure your garden effectively, consider a two-pronged approach:

  1. Secure high-value items.
  2. Make your garden less attractive to thieves overall.

Be Proactive!
Thankfully, there are plenty of proactive ways to deter burglars from considering your property an easy target.

Think like an intruder. Would you steal something that is clearly marked and registered to the owner? Probably not. Thieves aim to avoid anything that may link them to a crime and perceive it as not worth the risk.

Ways To Help Deter Theft:

  1. Register valuables: Immobilise.com is the world’s largest free register of possession ownership details and is searchable by all UK police. It is a powerful tool in the fight against property crime. Register your power tools, garden equipment, bicycles, and all other valuables with unique identifiers such as serial numbers or engravings. If your items don’t have identifiers, use a marking product like a UV pen, asset labels, or an etching tool.

  2. Visible warnings: Use window stickers and labels on items of property to warn potential thieves that your items are protected, both in vehicles and buildings. Often, the mere presence of a warning is enough to deter a break-in.

  3. Bikes: Bikes can be high-value, low-risk targets for potential thieves. If unprotected, they’re easy to resell in locations away from the theft. Statistics published by roadandmountainbikereviews.co.uk reveal that a bike is stolen every minute in the UK and fewer than 5% are returned to their owners. If you own one or more bikes, follow these steps:
  • Register them on Immobilise.com – our useful video below will guide you through the simple process.
  • Fit a security tag.
  • Use visible deterrents.

Enhancing Garden Security

A criminal will nearly always take the path of least resistance. They will choose the house with the overgrown hedge, unlocked gate or the house that has places to hide around it while they scope out what is worth stealing. Don’t let that property be yours!

We’ll explore some key ways to secure your garden:

  1. Boundaries: Ensure your fences and walls are secure. Adding a trellis or planting thorny climbers like Berberis, Hawthorn, Holly, or Pyracantha can be effective deterrents. These plants can also trap thieves, leaving behind valuable clues like torn clothes or DNA.

  2. Gates and pathways: Always keep gates locked and use high-quality locks. Gravel pathways can deter intruders due to the noise they make when walked on.

  3. Home entry points: Keep windows and doors closed when you’re not around. Installing proximity detectors, security lights, or cameras can add an extra layer of security.

  4. Sheds and outbuildings: Regular maintenance is crucial. A Which? report highlights that 22,500 households fall victim to shed burglary annually, with power tools and bikes being common targets (2019). Ensure your shed has strong locks and hinges, and consider motion sensors and security lights. Failing to meet the minimum standard or maintenance condition for your shed could result in an insurance claim being rejected if you’re targeted by criminals.

  5. Garden offices: Garden offices are becoming much more common. With computers and other expensive devices often left inside, it’s essential to secure the building. Check that windows and doors close properly and that the locks work efficiently. Consider adding an alarm system or CCTV and security lighting. Mark all your valuables with your postcode, register them on immobilise.com, and use deterrent stickers to let thieves know they are traceable.

Extra Steps You Can Take:

  • Be community-minded: As with many things, there’s strength in numbers, and this applies to home and garden security, too. Think about joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme or just agree to look out for each other’s property, especially when a house is empty.

  • Avoid sharing your absence on social media: Some opportunists use social media to gauge when houses are vacant. Don’t post those holiday photos until you get home!

Securing your garden and everything in it makes it a much less attractive target and is a vital step in protecting your property.

Ensure your outdoor space remains a haven of peace and not an entry point to your home!