Mountain Bikes Worth £8.5k Stolen From Sheds

Hampshire officers are appealing for information after the theft of mountain bikes worth £8,500 from outbuildings in the area.

TWO sheds and a garage were broken into in New Milton and Fordingbridge where mountain bikes were stolen worth a combined £8,500.

Police have launched an appeal for information on the raids which happened between 23rd and 28th November.

A Canyon Nerve mountain bike and a black-and-blue Canyon EXDCF worth £1,500 each were taken between 11pm on Tuesday 23rd November and 6am on Wednesday 24th November from Forest Oak Drive, New Milton

Then between 10.30pm and 5.30am overnight on 27th and 28th November, two bikes, including a black Bombtrack gravel cycle worth £3,500, were stolen from Hobart Road, New Milton.

On the same evening, between 11pm and 7am, two bikes including a black carbon fibre cycle with Campagnolo gears valued at £2,000 were taken from Station Road, Fordingbridge

Hampshire officers are appealing for information on the thefts and have asked residents to keep an eye out if they’re offered mountain bikes for sale.

Those with information about the bikes should contact police on 101 quoting the crime reference numbers: 44210472477 (Forest Oak Drive); 44210477726 (Hobart Road); or 44210477748 (Station Road).

Hampshire Police

If you own a bike, consider police crime prevention advice to:

– Ensure your bike is locked or anchored to an immovable point, even inside your shed or garage.

– Use a D-lock – anything less won’t do.

– If you use Strava or ride tracking apps, make sure your privacy settings are changed so that your start and endpoint aren’t shared; this is your home address and where you probably store your bike.

– Mark your bike by using a property or police-approved forensic marking solution only visible under ultraviolet light.

– Take pictures of the bike, as well as the bike frame number, as this can help police reunite you with your prized possessions if they are recovered.

– Register your bike for free using a property database such as

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