Manchester Police advise youngsters to keep expensive presents hidden

The Manchester Messenger has reported that young people across Trafford are being urged to keep new gadgets received as Christmas presents out of sight to avoid becoming a victim of street crime.

Greater Manchester Police say January is a peak time for robberies and muggings as people step out with valuable new gifts such as mobile phones and MP3 players. Statistics also show young people are the most likely victims.

In January 2009 there were 56 robberies across Trafford compared to 32 the previous month.

Trafford Division’s crime reduction advisor, Eleanor Kelly, said:

We’re advising people to leave their valuables at home or keep them out of sight when they are out and about on the street, in parks and on public transport.

It’s worth remembering that while most people are out hunting for bargains in the sales, criminals may be on a spree of a different kind, especially in busy high street areas. Most robberies are opportunistic, so by keeping valuables out of view you can reduce your risk of becoming a target.

Also, remember to register your valuables on

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