Rich pickings on New Year’s Eve – Police urge extra care

The Lancashire Telegraph has reported that police are urging residents to take extra steps in protecting their homes against New Year’s Eve burglars.

Residents are being asked to register their valuable Christmas presents online to help prevent thieves who target empty homes.

The national database is free and available to all UK police forces who use it to return lost and stolen possessions to their rightful owners.

Almost any item with a serial number recovered by police can be returned to the owner if registered on the database.

Users can also add photographs and certificates of ownership to their Immobilise account and once registered, can update their account with new possessions and take off items they no longer own Bury’s crime reduction advisor, Gaynor Mason, said:

Burglars expect people to be more relaxed and less cautious during the holiday season and take advantage of homes being unoccupied as people see in the new year with friends and family.

Residents can play their part by following the advice given to make sure they do not play host to any unwelcome visitors at this time of year.

Advice includes: shutting and locking all doors and windows; switching on burglar alarms; and using lights, radios and timer switches which can make homes look occupied while people are out celebrating.

Also keep valuables out of sight and dispose of boxes that contained valuables by taking them to the tip.

Those who are going away over the holidays are advised to ask a trusted neighbour to open and draw curtains, park their car on your drive and keep an eye on your home.

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