Bath MP add his support to the Immobilise Property Register

Adding to the great support that the Immobilise Property Register receives though out the country, Bath MP Don Foster is calling on the local police to back the website.

Immobilise is the world’s largest free register of possession ownership details and together with its sister sites the Police’s NMPR ( and CheckMEND (, forms a very effective tool in helping to reduce crime and repatriate recovered personal property to its rightful owners.

In Bristol the Avon and Somerset Police have held a stall for those who are unable to use the website itself, allowing residents to register their goods. All items with some form of identification, for instance a part number or serial number, can be registered on the website.

According to his website ( Don Foster has asked Bath police to consider holding a street stall in early January to enable Christmas gifts to be registered.

Don Foster said;

When I heard about this website I immediately thought about bike post coding. It is great if stolen property can be re-united with the owner, and by registering your goods at you increase the chances of having goods returned to you.

I hope our local police will help to promote this scheme and also consider holding a street stall for those not able to sign up on-line.