A helping hand in burglary crackdown

PC Carrie Robertson, from Prestwich police station: Credit: This is Lanacshire
PC Carrie Robertson, from Prestwich police station: Credit: This is Lancashire

This is Lancashire has reported that Police are using the “long arm of the law” to help them tackle burglaries in Prestwich.

Officers from the Prestwich neighbourhood policing team have been posting life-size pictures of a “burglar’s” arm through letterboxes in the Polefield area to remind people to keep their homes locked and valuables out of reach. The operation was launched after a rise in the number of “hook and cane” thefts, where people fish through letterboxes with a cane to steal keys and wallets.

Detective Inspector John Mazzolai, from Bury CID, said:

These leaflets usually have quite an impact and are designed to make people stop and think about how to protect their homes.

One-third of burglaries are due to insecurities in the home so it is important residents take a few simple steps to avoid this type of crime. Please ensure that all doors and windows are kept secure, even if you are staying inside. If you are going out, use a timer with a light so it gives the impression that someone is home.

Residents can register their valuables online at immobilise.com to help police identify items found or recovered from suspected criminals.

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