Surge in city cycle thefts

The Norwich Evening News has reported that the Norwich has seen a surge in bike crime after 50 bikes were stolen in just a few weeks.

Although summer is traditionally a period which sees a rise in bike thefts, officers across Norwich have said the numbers are a sharp increase and want to warn cyclist to take more care.

Increased patrols have been carried out and nine people have been arrested so far, but officers are warning other bike owners to increase their cycle security.

Inspector Marie James, from the Mile Cross Safer Neighbourhood Team, said although some of the thefts are opportunist, there have been reports of people breaking into sheds and garages to steal the bikes.

She said:

It is a seasonal problem and now the nicer weather is here people are using bikes more.

People need to ensure their sheds are locked and secured as people have been going into sheds looking for bikes – there has been an emerging trend.

Many Safer Neighbourhood Teams are offering cyclists the chance to security mark bikes, and officers advise buying a good quality lock, using a lock to secure the bike-stand, wheel rim and frame together and suggest never leaving the vehicles unattended.

Police teams are also encouraging owners of precious or expensive items to register them on the Immobilise website.

To read the source article in full please go to: The Norwich Evening News