Eagle-eyed officers help cut car crime

Hunts Post have reported that POLICE officers peeping into parked cars in St Neots has helped reduce crime, according to the latest figures.

Officers look to see if any valuables have been left in the vehicle – such as satellite navigation systems and mobile phones – and then alert the owners.

Eagle-eyed police community support officers have been peeping in vehicles in St Neots and Eynesbury – cutting the number of thefts by more than a half.

Sector Inspector for St Neots, Mark Greenhalgh, told the Hunts Post, the Vehicle Alert Scheme has been extremely successful.

He said there were 15 vehicle-related crimes in the St Neots area in March 2008 compared to seven in March this year.

Vehicle crime in the town is down 25 per cent compared to last year. I put this decrease down to the vehicle alert scheme, which is about educating vehicle owners on how to avoid being a victim of crime.

The scheme is about warning motorists that this time they were lucky because it was us who saw these items on show. But next time it could be someone else. Thieves are opportunists and it’s about not giving them the opportunity.

The vehicle owners are sent a letter reminding them to remove all property and register any valuables at http://www.immobilise.com/ to help police identify it.

Inspector Greenhalgh added:

Police are doing everything they can to prevent theft from vehicles but motorists must play their part by removing tempting items from display.

To read the source article in full please go to: Hunts Post – Eagle-eyed officers help cut car crime in St Neots