As evenings get lighter and warmer police recommend simple measures to keep property safe

Now that the clocks have gone forward, police are urging people to keep their property safe. The as the weather gets warmers and the evenings lighter, criminals are known to take advantage of ready access that open doors and windows afford to them.

Suffolk police, as reported by the Lowestoft Journal, has suggested that there are a few simple measures which can protect people’s property.

Ben Cook the inspector for community safety in Suffolk, said:

It may be tempting to leave windows and doors open as it gets lighter and warmer, but this is an invitation for a burglar to take advantage of easy access to your home. Whether you are inside or outside in the garden, keep doors and windows secure so only you can get in and out.

The same applies to your garage or shed – once you’ve removed the lawnmower, tools or barbeque you’re using, lock it behind you. Never leave items of value unattended in your garden, and don’t leave them on display through a window either. Mesh or bars can be fixed on shed and garage windows to conceal your property and deter criminals from breaking in.

Keep vehicles in secure garages where available, or parked in an open, well lit area. Keep hedges and shrubs cut back and fences, gates and walls in good repair. Make sure items such as bicycles, ladders and motorised vehicles that can be locked, are locked. Lock smaller items in cabinets and always keep keys safe and out of sight. Houses, sheds and garages can also be alarmed.

Police also recommend the registration of valuables and possessions on the National Property Register at:

To read the source article in full please go to: Lowestoft Journal